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Custom & Self Build Delivery

What is custom / self build?

"Self-build" housing refers to development projects where individuals or groups are able to directly organise the design and construction of their new build homes.  Custom housebuilding involves individuals or groups working with a specialist developer to deliver new homes that meet their specific aspirations and needs, often selecting from a specific package of fixtures and finishes offered by the developer.  The Government believe that these types of housing development can play a vital role in boosting the supply of housing, a key goal of the National Planning Policy Framework.


How is the design of custom and self build controlled?

The design of the finished homes will be guided by a ‘Plot Passport’.  This is a design document which outlines to plot purchasers the design parameters which they will be required to follow.  Each plot will have its own individual Plot Passport which will help guide the unique design of each home whilst ensuring a cohesive and sensitively designed scheme.  Final approved design of each home will be determined by the Council at a further reserved matters application stage.

Typically, the plot passports will establish:

  • Where within the plot the house can be situated

  • Distances from boundaries, minimum garden length, amenity space

  • The maximum scale of the property, including eaves heights and rooflines

  • Maximum total floor area

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Parking requirements, and where on the plot this should be

  • Overall garden size

  • Acceptable materials palette for external elevations, including door colour, window dressing, brick colours and any render finish.

Plot passports can vary in their degree of control and specified detail, but it is an important element of custom and self build that potential purchasers can design a property to meet their own specific needs. 

Illustrated below is an example of a plot passport - ENLARGE
P21-0416_DE_051_1 Unit 1 Plot Passport.jpg
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